Bowflex Treadclimber Review: What You Don’t Know

Thinking of maximizing your workouts without going to the gym? If you’re thinking of getting a fitness machine for home use such as the Bowflex Treadclimber, then you won’t be disappointed for having landed on this page. It’s a smart move to check reviews prior to making a fitness investment or you may be sorry later. Here you’ll find out how this equipment actually works, what its upsides and downsides are, and what users out there are saying about it.

What Is It?

It’s like a three-in-one machine as it’s equipped with the abilities of three powerful cardio trainers – the treadmill, stepper, and elliptical. The Bowflex treadclimber supposedly lets you scorch more calories than a stair climber, elliptical, and a treadmill at the same speed. Manufacturer claims that you can lose weight, burn fat, and build endurance in as little as 6 weeks.

A product of Nautilus Inc. – renowned for manufacturing quality home fitness machines, this treadclimber has gotten very popular in the fitness world that it now has various models. The most recent ones to date are the TC5, TC10 and the TC20.

How Does It Work?

It uses a dual treadle system that moves in an upward and downward motions as you stride on it. These motions are, however, dictated by your own stride and pace. You get all the benefits of the treadmill, stepper, and elliptical trainer with its walking motion, calorie burning capacity, and the ability to work out your muscles with just one unit at home.

Although it has multiple abilities, the machine is apparently uncomplicated. All you need to do to get started is walk like you would do on a treadmill. If you want more challenging experience, that’s when you modify your speed, resistance level, or intensity.

Who Can Use It?

The good thing about this type of exercise machine is that it has your safety in mind. Anyone can use it since it’s designed to be low impact. All Bowflex treadmill models have been tested to ensure safe operation for users up to 300 pounds. Still, every individual is unique and in order to properly achieve your fitness goals, it’s best to consult your doctor for any workout advice or just to make sure that the machine is best for your condition. For a complete review on TC10 model go to: You may also check our full review on TC20 here:


  • Less stress. Because it uses the low impact motions of an elliptical, there is less stress on your joints. You are less likely to get injured than going for a jog outdoors.
  • Great cardio training. It helps improve your cardiovascular endurance and reduces your risk of heart diseases. You also get all other benefits of cardio training including but not limited to toned and strengthened muscles, increased energy level, improved bone density, increased metabolism, and reduced back pain.
  • Easy to use. For a state of the art equipment, the Treadclimber is very simple and easy to operate.
  • Compact. It fits in most rooms and is equipped with transport wheels.


  • Not designed for running. You may need to adjust if you are more accustomed to running on a treadmill. It is however designed to give you an effective workout while simply walking.
  • Size. While it is compact and has transport wheels, it does not fold up and requires some space.
  • Price. The product is probably one of the most expensive fitness equipment in the market but that is to be expected considering its technology and the benefits it provides. If you purchase from its official website though, you can take advantage of special offers and/or easy financing program.

Real User Reviews

For your easy reference, we have here a few excerpts taken from other Bowflex Treadclimber reviews. The following comments basically sum up the general perception on the product.

Caution is advised…

About the TC20 model:

Does It Really Work?

Based on most user reviews which are slanted toward positive, the Bowflex Treadclimber indeed works. Although designed for low-impact motion, reviews prove that it can actually provide rigorous workouts yet it can be used by individuals who are recovering from some injury or operation. It may take some adjustment but users in general are saying they have a blast and are loving this machine.

The Best Place To Buy It

As already stated, the machine is rather on the expensive side hence we will only recommend getting it from the product’s official website where you can guarantee the machine’s authenticity and at the same time get the best deal. Additionally, shipping is typically expensive for large items but you can currently take advantage of the official site’s exclusive offer.